Custom Made
Be Sun L1 & L2 :
1 chassis, 2 engine types, 2 micro-utility vehicles

Be Sun. Fully adaptable design.

The Electro-Vee range represents a new and unique method of safe and clean urban transport.

This small twin-seater vehicle, built with the same oversize aluminium beam chassis and thermoplastic bodywork, with a choice of standard lead or Lithium battery for heavier duty operations.

The compact L1 and the longer L3 version together with the numerous options available, offer a multitude of variations to suite every need.

Prepare to be impressed.

Compact Design
Its compact shape, the dual wishbone rear suspension, the rear suspension system with independent wheels and disassociated hydraulics to reduce body roll, and the four disk brakes optimise its road holding and use.
Choice Of Electric Motor Drive
A choice of standard 4kW drive motor with standard battery ideal for most municipal or park work or an 8kW drive motor with lithium battery to give up to 80 miles round trip, with top speeds of 45kph.
Maintenance Free Batteries
the maintenance free lead or lithium batteries are positioned at the centre of the vehicle for optimum weight distribution with a recharge time (+/- 8h) for 100% clean transport.
Be Sun L1 - Short Version
The short version (2.60 m) which is appropriate for all types of delivery can be equipped with an aluminium storage compartment, secured by a lockable curtain, with a volume of approx. 0.8 m3 or 2.3 m3 and a load capacity of 200 kg.
Be Sun L3 - Long Version
The long version which is appropriate for site-maintenance and the transport of loads, is equipped with an aluminium crate or a flatbed tipper with side boards and hydraulic cylinder. Numerous options are available to complete the ideal configuration of your utility vehicle, such as wire mesh side extensions, lighted rails, extra storage compartments for tools or a coupling ball.
Internal Cabin Area
The cockpit layout has been simplified for professional use, and designed for complete ease of movement when loading and unloading. Numerous options enhance the users' comfort. For storing small objects, the Ligier Professional micro-utility vehicles are fitted with numerous storage compartments inside the vehicle, two on the dashboard and one under the passenger seat. A bin behind the seats allows the placement of the emergency warning triangle, the yellow reflective jacket and the power supply cord.